Accidental Pharisees

We wrapped up our recent Escape Artists series with looking at how followers of Jesus can become accidental pharisees. Landon utilized Larry Osbourne's book gave some helpful insights and questions to reflect on. 

3 Steps to become an Accidental Pharisee:

- It begins with a failure to grasp the true gravity and depths of my own sin.

- It’s followed by a heightened disgust for the sins of others.

- It’s then justified by a cut-and- paste theology that emphasizes some of the hard saying of Jesus while pretty much ignoring those that speak of his compassion, mercy, and grace.

5 Questions to ask ourselves:

Are you truly trying to look and live like Jesus, or are you more concerned with looking like you look like your following Jesus?

In what ways are you escaping to the religion of following Jesus, rather than to Jesus himself?

We all have, “Aren’t you glad we aren’t like them?!?!” moments. Who are yours pointed towards?

Are you being true to a part of Scripture… but not true to all of scripture?

Are you creating boundary markers stricter than the ones Jesus laid down?

"Our hope is not in what we do for God. Our hope is in what God has done for

us. That’s the gospel.” - Larry Osbourne, Accidental Pharisees