Advent: Week One

The brokenness of our world is inescapable. Watching a newscast or quickly scrolling through your social media timeline reveals atrocity upon atrocity. Whether it’s acts of terror or nations warring or genocide or injustice or senseless acts of murder, we remain a people bombarded with this reality: Things are not as they should be.

The season of Advent breaks into our broken world and reorients our hearts around a better reality—the present darkness which shrouds creation has been defeated in Jesus Christ and will one day be fully realized. Advent is a turning away from despair and toward hope.

The prophet Isaiah heralded this hope to Israel, and like him we can look ahead in hope when the instruments of war, destruction and death of our day are hammered into plowshares and pruning hooks. The Light of the World shines into the darkness. Let us join with the prophet Isaiah in his exhortation, “O house of Jacob, come, let us walk in the light of the LORD.”


Think of an event in your life where you waited with a longing expectation. What were you waiting for? How did you feel in the waiting? What was it like when the event finally happened?

What are some evidences of the brokenness of this world that you’ve seen this week? How does the return of Christ help reframe the way you see them?

Think about someone you know who might be feeling overcome by darkness. What are some ways you can point them to the hope of Christ’s advent this week?

- From "Seasons" by The Village Church