Advent: Week Three

As incomprehensible as an angelic visitation and pronouncement that she would carry the Son of God in her womb were for Mary, that event was just the beginning. The angel left, and the reality of the news began to settle in. The incredible promise spoken by Gabriel faded into the reality of being a young, not-yet-married woman who had to answer to her future husband, her family and all those she encountered about the nature of her pregnancy.

Luke tells us that Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months, but we aren’t told much else about what her pregnancy was like. As with any pregnancy, there were likely difficult days, happy days and all kinds of days in between. Regardless, her pregnancy must have been marked by a sense of expectancy. Not just because she was anticipating the arrival of the Son of God, but because she was…expecting.

We are between the two advents of Christ, and we can relate to the expectancy Mary must have felt. Mary received the good news that she would be carrying in her womb the King who would sit on David’s throne. Those who put their faith in Christ, too, have received the good news that a King has come. Now, we wait longingly, through sometimes difficult and trying circumstances, for the return of the Son of God to fully establish His kingdom on earth.


Think of a time when you or someone close to you was pregnant. How did a sense of expectancy mark the pregnancy? Did attitudes and expectations change throughout? How does this inform the way you think about expecting Christ’s return?

When Mary was approached by Gabriel with the news of her child, she exhibited an incredible openness to God. In what areas might God be calling you to a deeper faith and openness toward His will?

Is there a brother or sister in Christ around you that is struggling to believe that God will fulfill all He has promised? How can you minister to them in light of the hope of Jesus’ return?

From "Seasons" by The Village Church