#mondaymatters - Scripture and Prayer

As we talked about in yesterday's gathering, if we are to imitate God, we must know God. We get to know God as we pray and read His word in community. A couple of the tools covered were "Lectio Divina" and "The Daily Examen" 

Here is a quick recap of both:

Lectio Divina is an approach (not the only, but a helpful one) to reading scripture that focuses on slowing down, meditating on the truth of scripture, letting it sink into our hearts and minds. The process is:

Reading: Bible as Story/Light/Truth - Slowly, attentively
Meditation: Think/Chew/Ask Questions/Read again
Pray: Thank/Confess/Ask
Contemplation: Just Be. Commit. Enjoy

The Prayer of Examen is an aspect of prayer that causes us to remember the presence of God, cultivate gratitude, confess our sin, and grow in awareness of God and His work. The typical pattern of the prayer is:

Recall - The presence of God throughout the day (pause)
Review - Think and pray through the day with Gratitude (remember)
Renew - Remind your heart and mind with truth and the promises of scripture (preach to yourself)
Look Forward - Anticipate the coming day. (Pray for help and wisdom)