Patrick and Kelly's Story

We were invited into Restoration Church by helping out at the building. You wouldn’t expect it by simply working on floors, but we knew something was going on there. It’s one of the times that we definitively felt God doing something and calling us to be with these people at this time. It’s like we are getting ready for something amazing and have no idea what that will be. I (Patrick) want to be involved and have my friends involved too, even the ones that don’t yet go to church. It’s because Restoration Church doesn’t feel like “church.” Everything isn’t centered around the Sunday event. It’s the whole week. When we are away from the building, we are still involved with our community. Our community has been awesome. Because Jesus Christ is at the center, we felt a love like never before. We can see the impact our community will have in whatever we do because Jesus is in everything. It will be unstoppable." - Patrick and Kelly Smith