A Tale of Two Kingdoms

As we continue in our Storytellers series, we look at how scripture calls us to operate with simplicity to maintain an outward focus. It really comes down to which kingdom we will live in. The kingdom of Yahweh, or any other king.

Here is the tale of these two kingdoms:

Kingdom of any other king:

Results in: fear, anxiety, and wanting. 

Fear, anxiety, and wanting causes tunnel vision.

Tunnel vision causes blindness for all other areas of life.

Blindness causes you to carry the name of your insufficient king.

Carrying the name of any other king promises that we lose everything eventually.

Kingdom of Yahweh

The kingdom of Yahweh results in security.

Security allows simplicity. (focus) 

Simplicity opens up sight. (for opportunities)

Sight allows you to carry the name of Yahweh.

Carrying the name of Yahweh promises flourishing in His kingdom one day soon.


Here are some questions to ask to see which kingdom we are pursuing and living in:

- Where is your heart now?

- What is your heart pursuing?

- What/whose kingdom are you building?

- What name are you carrying?

Ask these in your community. Establish patterns to consistently prioritize.