The Rearview Mirror and the Road Ahead

What a year it has been!  

I found it fun this week to pause-- take a deep breath, and for a moment look back at all that has happened for us as Restoration Church.  It has been a year full of transitions and with transition comes all sorts of new experiences and emotions.  

Excitement. Nervousness. Thankfulness. Curiosity. Readiness. Willingness. Exhaustion. Dependency. Questions. Forward Motion.

Yet through all of the experiences and emotions—both the good and bad—what matters most is why there is movement forward.  That “why” question is really a “who” question. Our motion, our movement, our desire, and drive forward is all led by Jesus.  We move because we follow.

As we follow Jesus, we seek to join God in His mission of restoring broken stories to beautiful.  That’s what Restoration Church is all about.  

This has already happened. This is happening. We believe this will continue to as God uses this community for His name to be known and His love to be displayed.  

Here’s a snapshot of God’s work in our church: Meals have been shared together, 7 communities have been launched, we’ve worshiped in the parking lot, and now gather together for worship services every Sunday at 10 am at the American Warehouse.  God is leading, we are following.  He is shaping, forming, and restoring the stories of many people and we are thankful to play the role He has called us to in this.